Tax Problems

Are you having problems with the IRS?

There are few things in life more stressful than having issues with the IRS. But while resolving them could be a tedious and lengthy process, not resolving your tax problems can result in serious liability, loss of wages and, in some cases, loss of your freedom. Tax issues are not a joking matter — not taking care of them in a timely manner could cost you your life.

Pybus & Company, P.A. is committed to helping you resolve your tax problems and achieve peace of mind. As a firm that respects and understands the seriousness of such a predicament, we provide thorough, accurate, and efficient tax services discreetly and at affordable rates. 

Please understand that your tax problems will not go away on their own. Not taking the proper first steps to resolving your issues with the IRS could seriously affect your future and impact your life and family. Take a look at the list of common tax problems below and enlist Pybus C.P.A. today to help you find a resolution to your situation.

  • Received an IRS audit notification.
  • Haven’t filed tax returns in years.
  • Owe hundreds or more in back taxes.
  • Have payroll tax problems.
  • The IRS has placed tax liens on your home.
  • The IRS is threatening to seize your bank account and take your money out of the bank.
  • The IRS is threatening to take your paycheck, 401(k), and other retirement accounts.
  • The IRS is threatening to seize your personal property.

Pybus & Company, P.A. can help:

  • Take a look at your IRS file to learn what the IRS has on you.
  • Get more time to pay back the IRS by going on a payment plan.
  • File for bankruptcy to get out from under your tax burden completely.
  • Seek Innocent Spouse Relief. to get out of a tax debt caused by a spouse.

Don’t wait. Get a Free Consultation with one of our knowledgeable tax specialists by completing the form today.

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