Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning

Trying to build or preserve your financial wealth without the help of an expert can be difficult.

At Pybus & Company, we provide expert advice and one-on-one help to guide you with:

  • Saving for retirement
  • Paying for your child’s college education
  • Creating a safety net for your family
  • Achieving your financial goals
  • Creating a legacy for your heirs

Save for Retirement

In order for you to save for retirement, you need a solid financial plan. Let the experts at Pybus help you identify your retirement needs. First, we start out by analyzing your current assets and sources of retirement income. Next, we review any possible shortfalls and identify the best ways for you save given your current situation and risk tolerance. Finally, we develop an individualized plan to help you maximize your retirement income.

Pay for Your Child’s College Education

Based on the 2013-2014 school year, the average cost of a four-year college education is roughly $30,094 dollars. This can seem like a large amount of money to save for, but with our help and planning, we can estimate how much money you’ll need to save each year. Our experts will review and analyze your assets as well as identify any shortfalls. This allows us to develop an optimal strategy to help you save enough money to afford a college education.

Create a Safety Net

Unfortunately, an emergency situation can arise at anytime and put your family at risk. However, with proper financial planning, you can create a safety net for your family that will protect them should you face an emergency or disability. Our experienced accountants will analyze your current situation as well as review your will and any power of attorney and create a plan to keep your family protected.

Achieve Your Financial Goals

Are you looking to maximize your return on investments? We can create a plan that not only maximizes your return but also minimizes as much risk as possible. In addition, we can help increase the predictability of your returns so you can create a steady financial plan going forward.

Leave a Legacy for Your Heirs

The team at Pybus & Company can also help you maximize the value of your estate. We can help you minimize any costs associated with probate, creditors, lawyers and estate taxes since these can all negatively impact the true value of your estate. Finally, our experts will create a road map that allows for a seamless transfer so you can pass on your estate to your heirs worry-free.

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